"Send Me a Bible"


Send me a Bible is a cry heard from around the world.

Jerry send me a Bible. I hear you have a few spare. I hear you send them all over. The story of Jesus you share. Send me a Bible, I really need one. Where I am, they're quite hard to find. Send me a Bible; I've never owned one. So send me one please, be so kind. Jerry, send me a Bible. The story of God's love for man, Leaving his home up in glory, To bring us his salvation plan. Send me a Bible. I'll learn about Jesus. I'll read of his mercy and grace. Send me a Bible. I'll read how to save us, the Lord had to die in our place. Jerry send me a Bible that tells how he rose from the grave, and through him we have victory. For he has the power to save. Send me a Bible. Send me a Bible. Please send me a Bible today.

Copyrighted 2004 Bible Foundation with free license to use and copy.

Written and performed by Reino Tuomi

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