Networking the collection and redistribution of Bibles

  Bible Foundation has been involved for a number of years with the collection and redistribution of Bibles (new and used) through networking with many individuals and organizations around the United States and around the world. This has provided a way for anyone that is interested to be able to get involved to the extent they are able.

Independent networking involves:

  • Collecting and transporting Bibles
  • Identifying ministries that can use them.
  • Identifying organizations that can ship the surplus overseas.
  • Organizing help to:
  • publicize the Scripture ministry
  • collect Bibles
  • distribute the Scriptures
  • wrap and mail Bibles overseas (Bible Foundation can provide addresses)
  • ship the surplus to distribution ministries

Below are some suggestions for doing Bible drives.

Used Bible Drive Guidelines

  • Sponsor the drive
    • Identify the key sponsor(s).
    • List the churches and groups involved.
    • List ministries, missions, and groups besides Bible Foundation that can use used Bibles.
    • Identify collection points.
    • Set the dates for the drive.
  • Collect Bibles
    • Promote the drive to everyone possible.
    • Use posters, fliers, Church bulletin inserts, announcements, etc.
    • Use phone contact with key sources.
    • Give notice to radio stations and newspapers also.
    • Check with churches, retirement & nursing homes, thrift stores, garage sales, used book stores, etc.
    • Try to establish year round collection points if possible.
  • Distribute the Bibles
    • Churches can offer Bibles to their own Bible giving members and missionaries.
    • Ministries with local offices may be able to take them, saving shipping costs.
    • Individuals & groups can mail used Bibles directly overseas to national believers and missionaries that can use and distribute them. Bible Foundation can provide addresses.
    • lists shipping addresses to collection centers in the USA and Canada.
  • Note: Many countries like Pakistan, the Philippines, and much of Africa have large English speaking populations and the demand for Scripture, even pieces of Bibles, is extremely vast. In Africa, Muslims are coming to the Lord by the thousands and the cry for Bibles is great. One minister in Nigeria that wrote asking for Bibles said "Either throwaways, misprints, overruns, discontinued items, ink spots, used, rejects or irregular cuts, etc. We could literally use these materials by the thousands to minister and spread the word of God."

    For more information contact:
    BIBLE FOUNDATION; P.O. Box 908; Newberg, Oregon 97132; (503) 538-4897

    Getting involved with used Bible drives

    There are several ways folks throughout the United States can get involved with used Bible drives.

    Just start collecting used Bibles from all convenient sources and find individuals and ministries that can use them. Surplus Bibles can be shipped prepaid to several collection centers around the country.

    Area wide Bible drives can be sponsored by whoever can muster the resources to promote, collect, go pick up, store, and ship the Bibles.

    Many people around the country are now collecting Bibles in good condition and mailing them directly overseas at their own expense. Bible Foundation can provide names and addresses for overseas contacts.

    Bible Foundation has sponsored the October Bible Drive since 1992 and many hundreds of people, organizations, and churches promote it and collect many thousands of Scripture volumes. The Bible ministry goes on all the time but the annual emphasis gives a focus for concerted effort.

    God is raising people up throughout the country and Bible Foundation is assisting many efforts. Contacts are continually sought with national organizations, churches, and businesses that can help collect and move Bibles throughout the USA. Anyone that can help make strategic contacts is greatly appreciated.

    Please pray that God will continue to expand the national network to collect and redistribute Scripture.

    For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. Psalms 119:89

    Bible Foundation, P. O. Box 908, Newberg, Oregon 97132; (503) 538-4897

    Please email information you may have that might be helpful to this networking ministry, such as names and addresses of ministries that ship containers overseas, trucking organizations that might donate freight services, and possible donors interested in getting Scripture to hungry hearts around the world. To request more information or to leave a comment click here.

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