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God shows his great love for you in these passages from the Bible and he shows how you can have peace with him and with yourself. Please read these passages over many times and as you read ask God, quietly in your heart, to reveal himself to you through the words. Search for him and talk to him about what you read. You will begin to see how great he is and how great his love is and how great his power is to keep us and that he will never forsake us. It is necessary for him to discipline us and we need to forsake our bad ways and seek him. When we call unto him, he will hear and deliver us out of our troubles. He is our strength and our hope. As the Scripture soaks into your heart you will grow in the Lord. You will see how wisdom is better than gold. In your daily walk, learn to ask the Lord for wisdom in everything. When you ask, quietly listen to see what he puts into your heart. This is the way you learn wise things to do. Seeking the Lord out of Scripture and asking him for wisdom brings healing to the soul and strength to do the wise thing.

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Read these Bible portions many times and to other people and help them learn about God.

Hear what readers of the printed portions have said.  
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Everyone is encouraged to read Scripture often and ponder it and realize God that created the universe wants us to seek Him for wisdom and made it so we can talk with Him all the time about everything and He blesses those that do.